NUGUNA Neckband
$228.00 $328.00
Recommended for: Hearing impaired & hearing impaired people

It is a wearable device that notifies the direction of treble by vibration.

When a sound (car horn, smoke alarm, doorbell sound, etc.) is generated that is louder than ambient noise, the direction of the sound is indicated by the vibration of the neckband.

It is designed to respond to high-pitched sounds that are higher than the surrounding noise of the user and helps to recognize the risks that may be missed.

This product is made for the following main purposes.

1. The problem that existing hearing aids design makes the handicapped person's tee.

2. Exorbitant price of existing hearing aids.

3. Discomfort for wearing a hearing aid in the ear for 24 hours.

[Additional features]

Wake-up call, SMS notification, medication notification, etc.

Made in S.KOREA



It’s an essential product for the hearing-loss people.

Directional Notification of Sound.

[Major Functions]

When sound is louder than the specific setting by user, it inform the direction where the sounds are coming through the vibration of either sides of the neckband.

So, user can recognize the situation then, can avoid in danger situation.

NUGUNA neckband can help a lot to deaf people in their lives and it make improve the quality of life.

[Additional Features]
Time alarms, SMS notifications

Why NUGUNA safety Neckband?
The NUGUNA Neckband provides an affordable and convenient solution to reduce issues related to safety and inconvenience.
If hearing-loss people can recognize situation, which happened around, can escape in danger situation as soon as possible. Therefore, use ‘NUGUNA neckband’ and improve your quality of Life.


ProductSize15.6 * 17.5 * 2.0 Cm
Weigth80 g
BluetoothVersionV 4.2
Frequerancy Rangy2,402 ~ 2,480 MHz
Wireless Distance10m
Operation TimeVibration (1 Count / 1 min)12 Hours
EnvironmentTemperature10 ~ 40 °C
Humidity30 ~ 85 %R.H
Atmospheric pressure70 ~ 106 Kpa
Power BatteryLithium-polymer 360mA (180mA * 2EA)
Voltage3.7 V
FunctionSound Direction Notification
Alarm Function
(by Application)
Time Reminder
Incoming call alert
Receive text messages

-User cannot repair product solely.
-Do not dissemble, remodel or repair any parts nor replace battery.
-If product is wet, do not touch. Avoid dropping or making impact on product.
-Store product in a safe area without reach of children.
-Discontinue using product if:
• Location prohibits electronic devices
• Damaged, overheated or does not work
• Battery leakage