NUGUNA Earphones
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[Major Functions]
When a sound with a higher pitch than the specified settings is sensed by the device,
the direction from which the sound is coming from is conveyed to the wearer
through the vibration of either sides of the neckband. The device is designed to help the
wearer perceive dangerous or important situations around them which they might miss
due to hearing loss.


NUGUNA Earphones are Bluetooth earphones that keep you safe. When the
product senses high-pitched sounds, it alerts the user through vibrations.

While the user is watching videos, playing games, or listening to music or podcasts,
the user is kept safe through the safety vibration function of the NUGUNA Earphones.
This way, any dangerous situations can be prevented.

[Additioonal Feactures]
Sound amplification, timed alarms, texting alerts, natural disaster (e.g. earthquake)
alerts and more.
* Available in online models. mobile application required.
* Annual Fee of natural disaster alerts (US $ 50, Optional)

Why NUGUNA safety Earphones?
Every earphone user prefers listening to music according to their preference (e.g. volume).
However, there is a risk that he becomes distant from his environment. The higher
the volume, the more the user will be distracted from important sounds in his environment.
For example, when you are walking or riding a bike, listening to music at high volume could
keep you missing out on danger alerts at home, at work or outside (e.g. car horns).

After adjusting the sound settings according to the user’s preference, NUGUNA Earphones will
capture any sounds that are out of range, alerting the user through vibrations in his
neckband. The NUGUNA Earphones will alert you of any sounds around you that you cannot
hear directly, because you are listening to music. You will be able to listen to your favorite
music with NUGUNA earphones.


-User cannot repair product solely.
-Do not dissemble, remodel or repair any parts nor replace battery.
-If product is wet, do not touch. Avoid dropping or making impact on product.
-Store product in a safe area without reach of children.
-Discontinue using product if:
• Location prohibits electronic devices
• Damaged, overheated or does not work
• Battery leakage
*For further details, please refer to the product manual.