-   FAQ

Warranty period is 1 year. Warranty covers repairs and replacement of defective components for 1 year if damage not caused by customer’s misuse.

Battery life might vary according to use. If the device vibrates once every minute, the battery will last for approximately 2 days (50 hours).

If recharged properly and with reasonable use, Battery life last long. However, if used after a lengthy period of no use battery capacity will decrease after a few uses. Please do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures exceeding 50 ˚C (122) or below -10 ˚C (14 F). In order to maximize battery life it is suggested to keep it at room temperature. In very low temperatures battery life might decrease. The battery should be re-charged in an environment of between 10 ˚C (50 F) to 45 ˚C (113 F).

At the moment, the battery cannot be replaced.

For safety reasons NUGUNA Neckband should not be worn while it is being charged.

At the moment, the battery cannot be replaced.

It is charged by a micro USB cable, which should be connected to the USB port on the device.

Bluetooth 4 uses 1/10 of the electromagnetic wave strength of Bluetooth 3.

‘NUGUNA Neckband’ is a Bluetooth 4 using model and It use radio waves to connect to application.

This device works between 2.402 and 2.480 GHz RF. NUGUNA Neckband was designed to work in accordance to the RF exposure guidance and regulations of the WHO and local governments when used with a mobile device.

Differently from other Bluetooth devices, NUGUNA Neckband uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to save energy.

In order to connect with the device, you should open the application and connect directly from its interface.

Distance is not the deciding factor for NUGUNA Neckband’s sound detection. It is designed to detect high pitched sounds, and so will detect the sound according to its frequency rather than distance.

The ‘NUGUNA Neckband’ (NN-001) model can be adjusted according to your preferences through the ‘NUGUNA Neckband’ mobile application. Vibration strength can be adjusted between 2 settings and vibration frequency between 1 to 10 vibrations.