About UFIRST Co., Ltd.

Since its foundation in 2015, UFIRST Co., Ltd.
has been recognized for its innovative technology designed
for improving the lives of people with disabilities.

We developed our ‘NUGUNA Solutions’ for hearing-loss people (deaf, senile deafness and noise-impaired listener)

We have two ‘NUGUNA solution’

One is the ‘NUGUNA Neckband’, which indicates the direction of sounds louder than self-set values by vibration. It helps hearing loss people to recognize emergency sounds like car horn, and fire alarm,

even daily sounds like phone alarm and doorbell.

Another product, 'NUGUNA HEARING-AID' is a product with an earphone type hearing aid in the vibration function of 'NUGUNA NECKBAND'.  There are four differences with traditional ‘hearing aid’

such as that Self-check hardness of hearing and auditory setting, wearing just when it need, affordable price, universal design.

UFIRST Co., Ltd. strives to introduce innovative solutions for hearing loss in the global wellness market.

- UFIRST History



05  Establish Corporate laboratory


03  Appointed as Global IP-STAR company
[Korea Invention Promotion Association]


12  Seoul International Invention Fair – Gold Prize

10  Appointed as SVCA fellowship [SVCA]

      Social Venture Competition Asia - GRAND PRIZE [SVCA]

08  INPEX 2016, U.S. - GRAND PRIZE

       IoT Innovation Awards - 1st Place

03  BIO Venture Idea Awards – Grand Priz


12  Relocation of Headquarters (Ansan to Pangyo)

Appointed as K-GLOBAL 300 [Ministry of Science and ICT]
Angel Investment
Capital Increase, 10 million to 200 million KRW

09  1.5 billion KRW loan arrangement by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

08  Wonju branch established in Gangwon-do

06  US business established (UFIRST INC.)

05  Selected as HIT500 [Small& Medium Business Corporation]
Appointed as START-UP NEST by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
04  Appointed as potential exporting company by KOTRA
Appointed as Prospective Design Driven Company 100
[KIDP & Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy]


05  Admitted to Youth Venture Promotion School (Ansan)

02  Established UFIRST Inc.

- Awards and Certifications